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What is PyDBDesigner?

PyDBDesigner is a free relational database modeling tool that is planned to be able to design both logical and physical models similarly to Erwin(c) and PowerDesigner. Its goal is to provide a useful toolset that allows developers analysts and database designers to design and develop databases from the verbal model to the schemas and SQL scripts.
Planned features include:
The first step is to create a correct tool for physical modeling (tables, properties, relations).

Actual version?

It is as of 15.04.2004.

Why is this project started?

Because there is no such a tool is available as a freeware. There is a project called DbDesigner, but it seems to be discontinued and its functionality is not enough for modeling (and the concept behind it seems to be weak).


GPL, of course.


Oh, yes, it has concept as well...
The concept is to implement ER logical and physical modeling paradigm as correctly as possible, meanwhile creating a tool that is useful as soon as it is possible. So the development concept is that features are added rapidly, but carefully (trying to leave space to the features that come later).
What does it mean?
For example, the "type" class is good enough to implement data domains, however, the code that actually creates domains using GUI is not implemented. The "type" attribute of the properties uses this object, so adding domains to attribute types is easy.

What is the current status?

NEW: We are at 0.1.3 now. User can create new model, add entities and properties to model and properties to entities. The results can be saved and loaded back. SQL creator script can be generated. Relations can be generated automatically (both single and composite keys). Printing is supported as well.

Currently this program is under heavy development. I add features almost every day, so it is hard to determine the current status. Truly, it is in its early development phase. The development environment is Python and wxPython, so adding features is a very fast activity.




Here is one:

Screenshot 1

And another one:

Screenshot 2

Where is the current code?

It is in SourceForge. I will put the stuff in CVS as well soon.

Requirements to install

To play with it you need
Python 2.2
wxPython 2.3.3 (this one requires wxWindows as well)


If you have questions, want to help etc. send an email to me.
There is a mailinglist in SourceForge as well.

Last changed: 15.04.2004.

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